show friday november 11 Posted by Casey @ 6:43 AM on November 10th, 2005

Show this Friday November 11 at Hope Church in Oak Forest (15601 Lamon Ave, off Cicero behind Beggars pizza). Bands = us plus Shortstop, Rocket City Project, Matt Taylor, From Me to You and probably another or two. Starts at 6 PM and is 5 dollars, money goes to benefit hurricane victims. There is another show there the following day Saturday the 12 at 6 PM with de Triomphe and others so go both days. p.s. we're recording at the end of this month so look forward to new music soon.

soundlab - friday oct 21 Posted by Casey @ 10:04 AM on October 10th, 2005

We are playing at Soundlab (9623 west 194th place in Mokena, just off Lagrange Road) on Friday October 21 around 6:30 with From Me To You, the Scare, Kids In The Attic, For All Of This, and Destroyvale. Soundlab is a cool new place, plus this is a benefit show for the hurricane, so if you want to benefit the hurricane with your 6 dollars then come to this show. Then we're playing Friday November 11th in Oak Forest, more on that later.

Posted by Casey @ 6:10 PM on August 15th, 2005

Acoustic show this Friday August 19 at Mojoes at 9 pm with Mike Noonan and Felix & Friends. Then Saturday August 20 at Memorial Hall at 72 7th Street in Racine, Wisconsin with over 20 bands playing. Go to for more info on that.

Mojoes Saturday August 6 Posted by Casey @ 6:08 PM on August 1th, 2005

We're playing at Mojoes in Orland Park Saturday August 6 with Ars Magna. Its at 7:00 pm and is 6 dollars. Go to to read the exact same information I just told you. Be there with baked goods and we'll love you forever.

racine july 25 Posted by Casey @ 6:52 PM on July 24th, 2005

Thanks to those who saw us at Mojoes, tomorrow we are going to Racine, WI to play a show. Its at at Paradise Lanes (Memorial Hall 72 7th Street). Also newsworthy is that we've been working a whole lot on new songs that will become a 4 or 5 song e.p. that should be out in the next couple months. xoxo, summer set.

mojoes - july 22 Posted by Casey @ 5:30 AM on July 19th, 2005

Thanks to those who came Saturday and stuck around the whole time to see us play. Jason and I will be returning to Mojoes for an all acoustic show this Friday July 22 at 9 pm. We will be playing some acoustic versions of our songs and some covers and whatever else. Also playing is Mike Noonan from Last Tragety and Matt Taylor. It should be real fun so we would enjoy seeing some of you there. xoxo - summer set.

july 16 Posted by Casey @ 1:11 PM on July 11th, 2005

NEXT SHOW: July 16 at Mojoes in Orland Park at 6:30 with In Limbo (cd release), Anova, and The Muffins. $6 to get in, free hugs as always. But before that, we are heading to Racine for an early after noon show the same day. Its Racine's Badass BBQ at Paradise Lanes (6501 Washington Avenue). This starts at 2 PM and is $5 and the other bands are Until Yesterday, Sunday Driver, The Forecast, and 2 Left Feet. We hope you can come have fun at the shows with us, and while you're at it check out our updated purevolume page here .

Mojoes: July 1st & July 16 Posted by Casey @ 6:00 AM on June 29th, 2005

So we played a show in Racine WI last Friday and it was fun. We met a dog named Paris, ate at All-Star Sandwiches (ask Jason about this place, I think his exact words were "This place is phenominal" and we hadn't even gotten our food yet), and a surprise for us was that Tim from the Radiance opened the show. Thanks again to Lars.

NEXT SHOWS: this Friday July 1st at Mojoes in Orland Park with de Triomphe and Victorian Halls. Starts at 8:30 and also two weekends after that on Saturday July 16 at Mojoes again this time at 6:30 with In Limbo, Anova, and one more tba.

I would say be to these shows early or at least on time because for some reason shows there have been "selling out", they are only letting a certain number of people in. If this happens and you can't get in just get someone to come inside and get us and we'll get you in. See you there . . come for the music, stay for the hugs.

"You had a good set if you're Summer Set" Posted by Casey @ 7:30 AM on June 13th, 2005

NEXT SHOW: this Saturday June 18 at 7:00 PM at Pizza at the Point (571 E. 13th Street in Lockport . . .and you should park one block west in the school parking lot at Madison + 13th because people have parked on the streets before and got tickets). Its absolutely free and we are playing with Ars Magna and Karma With A K so you should definetly be there.

Also a quick thanks to those at Phyllis' Musical Inn and to Flabby Hoffman for a good show last Thursday. Flabby was there to get the whole show on video tape and eventually it will air on his tv show (go to to check out what he's all about).

Posted by Casey @ 12:35 AM on June 3th, 2005

Thursday June 9 at Phyllis' Musical Inn (1800 W. Division Street)in Chicago. Its free but also 21+. Starts at 8:30. Free hugs.

friday may 20 Posted by Casey @ 7:39 PM on May 16th, 2005

This Friday May 20 - Summer Set vs. Ars Magna . . . at the Old Town Hall (16507 Cedar Road in Lockport) with some other bands that no one seems to know the names of. Be there at 7, bring with you 5 dollars and a friend.

Posted by Casey @ 7:19 AM on May 9th, 2005

As always thanks to those who came to see us this weekend, and especially those who saw us at both shows. Next show: this Saturday May 14 at Skateland (25334 West Eames Street in Channahon) playing with L Fifty One, the Evil Us's, Three Simple Words, In Denial, and Ham. I hear its at 7 o'clock and is 6 dollars, but you should come earlier because I, Casey, would really like to go rollerskating before the show and I don't want to do it alone. - xoxo s.s.

Posted by Casey @ 6:34 PM on April 24th, 2005

Thanks to the Interact club for having us play Friday night and all the people who came to see us and bought merch and talked to us after we played. Also thanks to Tommy D & the Dead Hearts for having us play Saturday, we were glad to help in any way we could to raise money for Vahn. Okay so our next show is Friday May 6 at Ashbury Coffee House (8695 West Archer Ave. in Willow Springs) and we're playing along side Ars Magna. Jason and Casey will be playing this show acoustically so come check it out. Then Sunday May 8th at the Homer Town Hall (16507 Cedar Road in Lockport) and we're playing with Matt Taylor, de Triomphe, the Mercy Rule, and Felix & Friends. Hope to see you there, and be prepared for more of those free hugs.

Posted by Casey @ 6:49 PM on April 12th, 2005

Next Summer Set show is Friday April 22 at 7 PM at Lockport East High School in the auditorium. This is a benefit show sponsored by the school's Interact Club and all profits will go to The Needed Organization. We'll be playing with The Frantic, Phenomenai, The Virgin Spring, and Electric Sasquatch. You can buy tickets for 5 dollars from us so let us know if you want to buy one.

Posted by Casey @ 2:50 AM on March 25th, 2005

This is what we have going on for next week: Thursday March 31 at South Port Beach House in Kenosha WI with The Radiance, Courtesy Flush, Zero to Sixty Never, Plunket, and Brookside. Thats the third show of a big week long fest thing they have going on which will lead up to this huge show we will also be playing Friday April 1st with our friends de Triomphe and like 20 other bands including Cabaret, Ateriavia, Gas Can Pickup, more. . . the address is 1515 N Halsted Street in Chicago so we would encourage everyone to be at this show because it will most likely be a great one. It will start at 4 PM and only be 6 dollars to see all those bands. - summer set

Posted by Casey @ 7:33 PM on March 18th, 2005

We will be busy this Sunday March 20:

1.) going back to Blam studios to record 2 songs

2.) playing a show at the Lesneinski Center in Lemont with Below Radar and some others at 6 pm. More info is on the shows page or or click here for the flyer:

3.) giving out hugs, free as always.

Posted by Casey @ 6:15 PM on February 27th, 2005

Thanks to all those who saw us this weekend and the bands we played with. We got asked to play again at Ashbarys Saturday March 12 with a band called The Able Body which appears to be our next show. We will bug you way more about it when the date gets closer. - summer set.

Posted by Casey @ 6:43 PM on February 19th, 2005

New cd "Building Up to Nothing" is now available at shows along with new shirts, buttons and stickers. Thanks to every single person who came last night. Tonight at Clarke's got cancelled you might have heard, hopefully that one will be rescheduled. Tomorrow Sunday the 20 we're playing again at the Wheaton Grand Theater in Wheaton with Hyperdrive Go!, Mercury Radio Theater, andifiperish, and last but certainly not least our good friends de Triomphe. This should be a good show so try to come out if you can or if you need a ride let us know and we'll see what we can do. Any more info can be found at . Next Friday the 25 is a tsunami benefit show at the Shorewood Church of God (203 School Rd. in Shorewood) with Hyperdrive Go! at 6 pm, then the next day Saturday the 26 at Ashbury Coffee House in Willow Springs off of route 83 with Paper Genius. Hope to see you there.

Posted by Casey @ 2:01 AM on February 14th, 2005

Record Release Valentine's Dance Celebration this Friday February 18 at Old Town Hall at 16507 Cedar Road in Lockport. Come out and buy our debut full length "Building Up tp Nothing". We're playing with Ars Magna, Dead Hearts, de Triomphe, and Cabaret. Since its a Valentine's dance you should bring a date, or come by yourself and find a date there. Then Saturday we're playing at Clarke's After Dark in Chicago which is 18+, sorry about that. Yet another show this weekend . . . Sunday at the Wheaton Grand Theater with Hyperdrive Go! We hope to see you there and if you need a ride let us know. Xoxo - Summer Set.

Posted by Casey @ 10:29 PM on February 8th, 2005

Show in Racine went good we met cool people. No show this Saturday the 12, we dropped off of it because it was double booked. Lastly there are new lyrics and pictures up here and the final versions of 2 songs at . If you're not friends with us already then what are you waiting for?

Posted by Casey @ 3:24 AM on January 25th, 2005

If you've seen lately you might know we have some shows coming up. The first is a last minute show this Saturday January 29th at Mojoes with our friends de Triomphe, Matt Taylor, and a band called When She Falls. I've heard there's new owners there so maybe everyone who hates that place should come out and hopefully you'll enjoy yourselves. After that there's a show in Wisconsin February 5 which should be exciting. Last but certainly not least Friday February 18th at the Old Town Hall on Cedar Road in Lockport will be our record release celebration valentines party. This will be the first time you will get to buy our new full length "Building Up to Nothing". We'll be playing with de Triomphe, Missing Autumn, and fellow Lockport band Ars Magna. We can't wait for these shows, we hope to see everyone there, and as always if you'd like a ride let us know and we'll do what we can to get you there. Finally if you're in a band and would like us to play a show email us and we will more than likely be so happy you asked that we will give you a giant hug. - Casey.

Posted by Casey @ 3:05 PM on January 10th, 2005

Thanks to Hyperdrive, Go! and Eight Hour Company for having us play and to all of the people who came to the show this past weekend. This Friday we'll be going back to Blam studio to finish up recording, and the details of our record release show, among other shows, will be coming very soon. Posted by Casey @ 5:19 PM on December 27th, 2004

Some new updates . . . our recording sessions at Blam studio went well. We had fun, fell asleep on their couch, ate amazing Persian food, and walked on the beach at night. Anyways we also recorded some songs and two rough tracks are posted right now at so go listen if you haven't already, and add us as your myspace friends while you're there. I think its safe to say that our full length "Building Up to Nothing" will be released this February. I know we've been talking about this record forever (with the original release date being last June I think) but we're serious this time, its about 99% finished. There's also been some talk of a split cd with our friends de Triomphe so we hope to see that out sometime early next year. Before that though we've been asked to play at Mojoes again Friday January 7 with Hyperdrive,Go! and Eight Hour Company. We hope to see you there, and hope you have a good new years, we'll keep in touch... <3 Summer Set.

Posted by Casey @ 7:58 AM on December 7th, 2004

So thanks to the bands and all the people who came to the show Saturday. But extra thanks to those who were slow dancing to our last song. I really wanted to go out and slow dance with someone too, but I was kind of busy at the time. We're going to be recording some more this weekend at Blam recording so our next big update should be the record release show for our full length "Building Up to Nothing" sometime in January.

this saturday bring toys for tots to mojoes! Posted by Casey @ 7:02 PM on November 30th, 2004

This Saturday, as you know we have been asked to play at Mojoes at 6 PM along with Stool, My Big Beautiful, and Witroy. What you didn't know (until now) is that we'll be accepting toys for Toys for Tots and bringing them all to the fire station. So if you're into it then bring a new toy for kids who would otherwise not have them. See you then - Summer Set.

Saturday December 4 - Mojoes Posted by Casey @ 12:50 AM on November 15th, 2004

We've been asked to play at Mojoes in Orland Park on Saturday December 4th with My Big Beautiful, Stool, and one more band that is yet to be announced but it might be Witroy. Its at 6 pm, and is 6 dollars. And as always if you need a ride just ask anyone of us.
You know if you look at it, the year is coming to an end pretty quickly, and I don't want to start any rumors . . . but what if this is the last Summer Set show of 2004? Do you really want to risk missing out on that? What are your grandchildren going to think of you when you sit them down in front of the fire with some hot chocolate and you tell them the tragic story about how you missed out on the last ever Summer Set show of the year 2004? I mean there will never ever again be a Saturday December 4th 2004. If I were you I wouldn't even risk it. Just go to be safe. Don't forget to bring baked goods either to share with everyone. If you can't cook just make your Mom do it for you. - Casey

Posted by Casey @ 5:59 PM on October 16th, 2004

We have a show this Friday the 22nd with de Triomphe and December Calls. Its at Buzz Coffee in Homewood. Its a new place for us and the show is only $4 so anyone and everyone should try to come. The address is 17501 Dixie Highway in Homewood. I'm not going to lie, its at least a half hour away from the Lockport area, but still extremely easy to get to. Take I-80 East, take the Dixie Highway exit, and turn right. Just use mapquest. And as always if you want a ride to the show we would be more than happy to drive you, just let us know. - casey

Posted by Casey @ 9:37 PM on October 4th, 2004

Bad news and bad news, the benefit show we were going to be playing on the 16th is cancelled. The date and location was moved around so much and now it is completely not going on. So of course the other bad news is no win-a-date with summer set contest anymore. Oh well I bet Jason will give you a hug anyways if you ask nicely. But soon we are recording even more and probably working on getting more shows. We can let you know when all that actually happens.

Posted by Casey @ 7:17 PM on September 11th, 2004

Our next show is this Friday, September 17th at the Open Door Coffee house on 9th Street in Lockport. The Open Door, for some reason, closes during the summer so this will be their first show of the fall. We'll be playing with Ryan's Hope and another band from Joliet called Silverscreen who is made up of some past members from On the Spot and Article 57. The show is at 7pm sharp and will cost 5 dollars. It should be a good show so we hope to see a lot of people there. Until then Xoxo, Summer Set.

Posted by Casey @ 6:22 PM on August 24th, 2004

I want to let anyone who reads this that we are playing this Saturday night, August 28, at 7 pm at Mojoes. We're playing with de Triomphe, Victorian Halls and one more to be announced. We're also playing September 4 at Java Jim's in Indiana with de Triomphe, seriously this time we are. If anyone wants to come with us to this show then let us know and we'll work it out. It will definitley be a fun time. Finally, we are going tomorrow to finish mixing our cd and hopefully in the next few weeks we'll be able to release it. We'll put up a few mp3s soon so everyone can hear the new songs. Until then xoxo, SS.

Posted by Casey @ 2:44 PM on August 6th, 2004

mshrmblu: i was going to put a new update about how the shows got canceled this weekend, and how we're done with recording pretty much, but i dont know what else. is it even worth it?
SpyTypeGuy: haha probably
SpyTypeGuy: you can always change it later if you want to
mshrmblu: like i can't even think of anything funny to say about de triomphe
SpyTypeGuy: haha
SpyTypeGuy: let it come to you casey
mshrmblu: alright i will

Posted by Casey @ 1:39 PM on July 24th, 2004

Just wanted to talk about two important shows coming up you should know about. First is next Saturday July 31 at Pizza at the Point in Lockport with the Lost Anthology and Victorian Halls. It starts at 7 pm sharp and is free so we don't want to hear any of that "I don't want to pay 6 dollars to see you" crap that you're always trying to give us. Also you should know that the best spot to park is one block west of Pizza at the Point in the parking lot across from Central High School (corner of 13th + Madison st.) If you park on the street you might get a ticket. Not a good ticket either like you get to ride on the go karts, or 10% off your next oil change. This will be a ticket as in you have to pay $50.
Second, Java Jim's in Indiana is opening in a new location in just a couple weeks. They are having a huge all day show with 13 bands playing so far, and we are one of them. The date is Saturday August 7, and the show starts at 12 noon. For the whole list of bands go to . We would really love to bring some people with us this time, so if you are interested in coming along please let us know. Also de Triomphe will be playing this show with us. You may remember de Triomphe from such dates with Summer Set like February 7 2004, April 4 2004, and who could forget June 18 2004. I believe de Triomphe may be releasing a new cd too at this show. I've heard the new mp3s for "Shatter", "Cookie", and "Hunter" that they put up, and if the whole cd is as good as those songs well then it will be a pretty good cd that is worth driving to Indiana to buy. Of course not nearly as good as Summer Set's upcoming cd "Building Up to Nothing" which we have sold out of already, despite the fact that we haven't even finished recording it. It will be a slight departure from our usual sound. We've gone in more of a piano, saxaphone, and acoustic guitar kind of direction. Fun right? We'll see you next Saturday. Xoxo SS.

Posted by Casey @ 7:18 AM on July 11th, 2004

So I was walking down the street yesterday and 37 people stopped me and asked "Casey, why aren't there any upcoming shows listed on , the official website of the hardcore-post-indie-math-rock band Summer Set?!" It's ok, I'm here to help. First off, we are not called Summer Set anymore. We changed our name to Smootches For Casey and we only play Death Cab for Cutie covers now. Secondly, there are shows listed on the shows page, only the font is too small for the human eye. But in all seriousness, we have found there's a sort of unspoken rule about shows that we like to follow. If a band gives us a show, we will do our best to give them a show back. The results show that roughly 94% of our shows we're booked by us. Ask Jay how many shows we have given any band or how many they've given us, and in the blink of an eye he will tell you exactly how many. So not to sound like jerks, we've just run out of bands to give shows to until they give us shows in retun (de Triomphe we are looking in your direction . . . j/k lol hugz!!)
The absolute truth is that we are in the process of booking shows for the rest of the summer, almost finished recording our full length "Building Up to Nothing", and I personally am contemplating whether or not to get a haircut. . . . . . Xoxo SS.

Posted by Casey @ 9:08 AM on June 24th, 2004

Thanks to de Triomphe for playing shows with us two days in a row this past weekend. We should have came up with a good name for it like "The Totally Excellent Summer Triomphe Midwest Annihilation Of The Mind And Ears Of Any And Every Witness Tour" or something like that. All I can say is that two days of de Triomphe are not enough for me. Thanks also to all the other great bands we played with, you know who you are. Also thanks for all the people who came to one of our two shows. or more like, thanks to Gangsta K because she went to both of them. thanks a lot K!!! Your pictures are great.
On a sadder note, the Flying V guitar that has made Summer Set famous around the world was in a horrible accident on Friday night. She is currently under the best care we could find in the greater Homer Township area. We will keep you updated on her condition to a hopefull recovery. Please feel free to leave get well wishes in the guestbook.
We have one more for sure show this month, and it is this Friday June 25 at 9 pm at the Wheaton Grand Theater. Thats in Wheaton. Directions can be found here: . We could also try to arrange a ride for you if you let us know that you want to go. Also next week we should be going back to record more for our full length cd "Building Up to Nothing" which will be coming out soon.
We're also on Myspace at because all the cool kids are on there, and we want to be cool too.
The last thing I want to tell whoever reads all this is to listen to the new Sonic Youth cd. It is very enjoyable, but you probably already knew that. Until next time . . . Xoxo, Summer Set.

Posted by Casey @ 7:07 PM on June 6th, 2004

So Friday night we headed to Indiana to play Java Jim's for the second time. We met a cool band called The Same Fate from Michigan. You can see them at We felt we didn't play as good as we should have, and afterwards we discussed this with Java Jim himself. He gave us some kind words of encouragement that I will never forget, and I think I should share with everyone. He told us, "Expect a fu**ing nightmare at every gig, and anything else is a miracle." Truer words have never been spoken.
Also on the way there Chris put a Summer Set sticker on the toll booth on I-80,and I got one on the way home. That is something I have always wanted to do, and now I can die a happy man. But I guess I do want to wait until after these shows we have coming up for the rest of June. Check them out on the shows page. We're playing with our good friends Mending Chaos, and de Triomphe, and many other great bands. Hope to see everyone then.

Posted by Casey @ 9:16 PM on May 23th, 2004

Thanks to Veritas for the show at Mojoes yesterday. We had a lot of fun playing. Chris, Jason, and I all were wearing jeans and a black shirt which I swear wasn't planned. Also thanks to Boneyard Brawlers and the River Club for having us out Friday night. Oh yeah and the two weekends before that we played basement shows. CaseyFest 04 ended up at Chris's house no thanks to the good people at Cross of Glory Church. So another thank you to all the bands that played with us those two times . . . Article 57 and Mending Chaos, and Karma With A K. We hope to play with all these bands again sometime. Final thanks to Jen for letting us play in her house too. And thank you if you are reading all this. We have more shows coming up, which not surprisingly can be found listed on the shows page. We'll also be recording more with Eddie soon to finish our next cd. Thanks Eddie!

Mama Mimas Posted by Jason @ 11:18 PM on April 26th, 2004

Saturn is a planet and a car. Anyways, the show went well at Platos. We had alot of fun with Broken Freedom, as usual. We also enjoyed hearing the men of Karma with a K and Ashlen. Both great bands and thank you to those three bands for coming out, no doubt we will be playing together soon. As of right now our next show is the long awaited "Casey Fest!!!" Casey Fest takes place next saturday, May 8th at the Cross of Glory with: Mending Chaos!!!, Boneyard Brawlers, Karma with a K, Missing Autumn, and Article 57. This WILL be a wonderful show and there is no reason why anyone should miss it. Lets get cheesy...if you like music you'll love this one, sincerely. Truely though, Casey Fest will be an incredible show with great bands and the best part is you can win a date with Casey to Casey Fest! All you have to do is IM/Email any one of us and ask to be placed in the contest. All the info/rules are here, good luck to all....In recording news: recording session two went well, still going back in a bit to work out vox but everything is on shedule for our LP release June 19th. Well i guess that is all the news i can muster tonight. I'll see you all in your dreams and in some cases, in mine!....RoCK!

No Worries... Posted by Jason @ 12:59 AM on April 13th, 2004

Hey all, its been a long time since we've updated but have no fear we're still here! Anyways, enough lolligaggin' lets get down to business. So we had the last show at rubes, didn't go well there so we went to the basement. We played there and thanks to de Triomphe and December Calls for coming out, good times indeed. Enough about the past lets look to the future, the future Conan?...I gotta stay focused...anyways we have a show this friday with Broken Freedom, Ashlen and Hidden Wall at Platos in Bolingbrook(need directions or ride contact one of us). I think everyone should check this one out, it is sure to be good times. And if it is not good times I will hug you all personally and possibly even if it is good times, but no groping please...In recording news, we are going back to the studio nest week to record some more songs for the full length due out in june. Everyone should be excited for this, if not for the music for the peach coblar.
I guess thats all for now,
over and out,
jay-the fallen-sun

Posted by Matty @ 12:17 AM on March 16th, 2004

Much thanks to everyone who came to the show on friday and also thanks to ryan's hope for playing with us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show. Unfortunately we don't have another show booked for a few weeks. But in the meantime we are continuing to write new songs, which we are very excited about, and working on setting up more shows. So take care for now.

Posted by Matty @ 2:31 AM on March 9th, 2004

Thanks to anyone who came to the show on saturday at mojoes and thanks to TLA for letting us play. It was a fun time. We've got another show this friday march 12 at mojoes 9pm with Ryans Hope, so if you didn't make it to last show you should go to this one. Also this week we're going into the studio to start a recording process that will be ready for release at a time when all the rain has gone the sun shines bright and all the flowers have know what I'm talking about. See you friday all you beautiful people,

........................ Posted by Matty @ 1:39 AM on March 3th, 2004

Our show on friday might be the last show we play at mario's because the rumor is that they're not having anymore shows there, which is kinda sad, but we played a real good set and a new song entitled "In Plain Sight" so its good to leave on a good note. We got a SHOW THIS SATURDAY March 6th, 6:30 @ Mojoes (Orland) w/ The Lost Anthology, Dead City Chases & Settle For Nothing- $5 and I really want you to be there. The summer is coming....summer set that is. hahahahahaha..


show this fridaya.. Posted by Matty @ 9:57 PM on February 24th, 2004

New SHow! Summer Set is playing THIS FRIDAY February 27th at Mario's Dancing Tomatoes in Plainfield. The show starts at 6pm and its only $3. We're playing with Keep Away From Julie and Broken Freedom. So yea, rearrange your plans and come to the show cuz it will be a lotta fun. Also our new record is for sale at threshold music in orland park under the local music section, so if you dont have a copy you can buy one there for only 3 bucks. Check out the shows section cuz we got lots of new shows booked.

See ya Friday,

you'll never.....forget Posted by Matty @ 1:26 AM on February 17th, 2004

Hey its me again,

Another quick update...our show on the 27th of febuary @ mojoes has been moved to march 6th, plus there's a new show added on march 26th at Mario's. Also if anyone is interested we are selling our new record "Autumn Burns Like Summer..." by mail. It's 5 dollars including shipping and matty handling. If you want one send money to:

Summer Set
1103 Valley Lane
Lockport, IL 60441

Thats it for now,

confusion can't persist Posted by Matty @ 1:46 AM on February 11th, 2004

heyo, just a brief update...the mp3s for "Hunter" and "The Mean Between Wisdom and Ignorance" are now up on the site for all of you to hear. Also we need more people to sign up for our mailing list and to sign our guestbook so if you haven't already, then you know what to do. Tell us what you think of our new record, we're interested. See ya Friday at Marios.

once...twice...three times a lady Posted by Matty @ 1:07 PM on February 8th, 2004

Hey everyone! Yesterday's show was tons of fun. There was a great turn out. All the bands rocked it hard. We owe a very special thanks (that includes a hug) to anyone that came and also to anyone that picked up our new cd. None of the fun and hugs could have happened without you. Yea and don't worry we got a show this friday the 13th at Mario's dancing tomatoes 7 o' yea i hope you come. Yea and also we should have an mp3 or two up on the site soon. Thats about all I got for now.
much love,

....uh huh Posted by Matty @ 3:48 PM on February 2th, 2004

hello to everyone,
Our 5 song E.P. "Autumn Burns Like Summer..." is finished and it turned out excellent. We owe much thanks to eddie cantu at fdf studios for recording and mixing our record. Once again, All of you should come to our record release celebration show this saturday, february 7th at Mojoes 6:30pm, to see the bands and pick up our new record. We also are gonna have shirts and buttons and stickers and crayon drawings and possibly even baked goods! So come to the show and bring your friends and your dancing shoes. I'll see ya on saturday.
<3 Mattybear

I'm more of a young Santa Claus than anything... Posted by Matty @ 11:01 PM on January 14th, 2004

hello again,
we've got some more shows booked! One is on febuary 13th at mario's (yep that's friday the 13th!), and March 12 at Mojoe's. But, the best news is that our saturday february 7th show at Mojoes is going to be our RECORD RELEASE SHOW PARTY!. Thats right, our long awaited (at least long awaited for us) 5 song E.P. entitled "Autumn Burns Like Summer..." will be ready for your enjoyment so you should probably be there with a cake. It's not for a few weeks so cancel all your plans. You have no excuse to not make it there, I'll even give you a ride there if you need one. Alright, that's all I got for now.
see you soon,

.....update? Posted by Matty @ 4:50 PM on January 4th, 2004

Hey people,
I hope everyone is having a good new year so far. I know I am cuz I got a turtle and his name is Darwin. You're welcome to come over and see him anytime.

As of now our next two shows are on febuary 7th and 27th at mojoes in orland. Don't worry theres more shows coming. Our E.P. is still in the works and should be finished pretty soon. We'll have an mp3 or two up on the site in the near future. But yea im gonna go sledding now. Bye!
<3 Matty

...A few words from uncle mattybear Posted by Matty @ 5:45 PM on December 21th, 2003

Hello everyone,
First of all we would like to thank everyone that came out to the show at the open door on friday, it was a lot of fun. Also we wanna thank mending chaos for being such great guys. It was our best show yet and I'm glad to see people staying to watch all the bands.

We're planning on setting up a lot of shows, we'll keep you updated. Also we are in the process of finishing up a 5 song E.P. that should be ready sometime after christmas. It's all coming together quite well. For now...So long everyone, hope to see you soon!

<3 Mattybear

hey it's me.... Posted by Matty @ 11:25 PM on December 2th, 2003

Hey! Our show at Mario's is now moved to saturday the 13th at 7pm, so I hope to see everyone there. Email if you need directions. Yea and if you told me that you are gonna be there and don't show up, I will have to honestly re-evaluate our friendship. Also, we are scheduled to record some songs on dec. 9th and 10th, so we might have it ready for the show. If you're not excited, I don't care because I sure am!

this just in... Posted by Jason @ 9:49 PM on November 17th, 2003

Hello Hello Hello, welcome to Summer Set's new home everything is still not up yet but fly around and check it out. We will be updating everything as the days pass, so be sure to check back. But in the mean time, we have some shows coming up so check that out. The most recent one added is the show at Pizza at the Point in sour home Lockport, email me if you need the location, it takes place the day before Thanksgiving. All the info is in the shows page of that cute little box at the top. Come check us out and dance, it will be a rockin rollin time. Lastly, we will be recording some songs soon hopefully have those ready for Marios in December... remember what i told ya, over and out<3