Building Up To Nothing
  1. Year One    
  2. Search For Solid Ground lyrics mp3
  3. Autumn's Fire vs. Winter's Wind lyrics  
  4. Gatherer lyrics  
  5. The Basement    
  6. The Sun Has Fallen lyrics mp3
  7. The Moon Is Lonely lyrics mp3
  8. The Mean Between Wisdom and Ignorace   mp3
  9. Sound Of Sirens At Night lyrics  
  10. In Plain Sight lyrics mp3
  11. At The Corner Of Peace And Bliss lyrics  
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Autumn Burns Like Summer...
  1. The Second Law of Thermodynamics lyrics  
  2. Hunter lyrics mp3
  3. The Path of Totality lyrics  
  4. The Mean Between Wisdom and Ignorance lyrics mp3
  5. The First Snowfall lyrics  
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